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Meet Ashley - the creator behind Libra Collective.

I'm a true Libra, multi-faceted creative, and entrepreneur. Libra Co. is my tangible manifestation of my true purpose - to help build businesses with beautifully executed visions. I am truly passionate about taking an idea, concept or dream - and bringing it into the visual world. Most importantly, bringing those visions into the world for business owners so they can be inspired all over again.

I put my heart and soul into each project and care deeply about my clients. The gift to create everyday for other people has me forever inspired. Libra Collective is here to listen, connect, create and deliver for passionate people. 

Let's create together.


If you're curious...

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Yes, I am a LIBRA. I love balance in my life and understanding things from a unique perspective. Sometimes I'm indecisive, optimistic, an over-thinker and perfectionist (in a good way), ya know - typical Libra. :)

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My art career started in fine art - and then when I went to college I decided to pursue Graphic Design. 5 years later I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design with an Illustration Emphasis.

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Things I'm inspired by: the 60s / 70s, vintage clothing, the lovely Sophia Amoruso, Peter Max, Jimi Hendrix, traveling, food, pretty books (that I don't necessarily read), plants, ceramics... 


The Meaning Behind Libra


Balance, harmony, and a unique perspective is what defines a Libra. This is what also defines Libra Collective. Why a collective? Occasionally I bring on outside creatives to assist with projects, making Libra a Collective with other talented people so we can execute the best possible designs, packaging and illustrations for our clients. My goal is to provide reliable guidance with a balance of collaboration with the people I work with. The Libra Collective culture is optimistic and driven in finding solutions to anything we’re given. The mission at Libra Collective is to offer multiple services with creativity, ingenuity and originality. I'm happy you’re here! 

Still have some questions?

No worries! I have answered a few below for you to read through. If anything else comes to mind, feel free to reach out at I'm excited to hear from you!

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