Package Design


Package Design can make or break a sale. How does it compare to other products on the shelf? If it's standing solo, then what's the first impression? Why should someone buy your product over someone else's? These are questions I help answer with the package design process.

Package Design

timeline and pricing varies per project

Who it's for

Wether you have an existing product(s) or are wanting to develop one, I can help guide you through the package design process from concept to physical material. I am passionate about designing something that people can feel and hold. Package design is a process of market research, strategy, and development that takes time and patience. I am here to help conceptualize and design beautiful packaging that is created with your values and next customer in mind.

What's included

  • Competitor & Market Research

  • Concept Sketches

  • Rendered Packaging Design

  • Mockups

  • Final Print Files

What to expect

1. Discovery Call

  • in depth discovery call with Libra

  • discuss your current branding

  • review of your current product or future product

  • discuss goals and vision for the packaging

  • discuss materials, elements and formatting

2. Design

Based off of our deep dive discovery call, I will spend 2 weeks putting together 2 packaging concepts that outline the design and materials for your product.

3. Review

I will present the 2 packaging concepts to you and decide on which direction aligns with your product and is the most impactful with your customers.

4. Revise

2 revision rounds are included for the packaging process, allowing you to make any needed adjustments to the design, proposed materials and copy on the packaging.

*additional revision rounds can be added on at an additional price

5. Deliver

Once your package design has been revised and refined, I will export and send you all of the final design files that you need in a shared google drive folder.

6. Implement

I will review all of your files with you to make sure you are confident with using them in the proper formats. it's my job to make sure you are confident with the production phase of your new packaging.